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The 7 Best Restaurants In Torrington Wyoming

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The City of Torrington, Wyoming, is a peaceful town with low crime rates and mixed culture, making it a unique place to visit. Surrounded by nature and warm weather, even in the wintertime, people say this is the perfect retirement city. 

Torrington is excellent for a weekend getaway with family and friends to see the “Homesteaders Museum,” where you can learn more about the history of this city. In Torrington, there is also a sugar factory, so make sure you pay a visit or take a tour to see and taste the sweets they make there. 

In this article, we will focus on finding the best restaurants where you can try out new, quality food at reasonable prices and make your stay in Torrington memorable.

My Top 3 Picks Of The Best Restaurants In Torrington Wyoming

RestaurantTop DishOur Rating
DeaconsRoast Beef Sandwich 5/5
La Familia Prado Tacos 5/5
307 GrillGyro4.9/5

7 Best Restaurants In Torrington Wyoming


1558 Main St., Torrington, WY 82240, United States

Deacons’s is a fantastic, cozy family restaurant on the main street of Torrington with a wide variety of food for everyone’s taste. It feels like sitting in mom’s kitchen and being served a plate full of love. 

The service is always swift and kind, and the place has the best small-town feel! 

There is plenty of choice on the breakfast menu, served from 6 to 11 am. However, I can’t decide whether the pancakes or the French toast taste better, so I recommend both.

The eggs benedict looks the same as it tastes – perfect!

Restaurants In Torrington Wyoming: Deacon’s Egg Benedict

The roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes was prepared well and tasted amazing. Their homemade soups are something you must try before the main course. You cannot go wrong if you choose the Chopped Italian salad, chef salad, or spinach salad. 

For sweet lovers, there is exceptional chocolate or homemade fruit pie. If you are passing through town, this place is worth a stop! You don’t want to miss this Torrington restaurant. 

There is homemade flavored tea and lemonade, Italian soda, hot chocolate, and a great selection of wine and beer on the drinks menu. 


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Broncho Grill House & Bar

1918 Main St., Torrington, WY 82240, United States

This small, quaint restaurant in Torrington has a western vibe and friendly and efficient staff. The place is usually jammed with locals because they know where to find excellent food.  

We each tried a different burger, and all were delicious and perfectly cooked.

The menu offers much more than burgers. There are incredibly delightful rib eye, grilled chicken, grilled pork, and many more meat-based dishes. 

If you are a fan of seafood, check out the grilled shrimp and the salmon served with grilled potatoes. 

The smell of BBQ pizza is mouthwatering with the perfect melting cheddar cheese. The meat lovers’ pizza is a mix of pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, and bacon, which is ideal for carnivores. 

Broncho Grill House & Bar BBQ Pizza

They have one of the best things, a small but adequate salad bar. In addition to salad, there was cottage cheese, potato salad, pudding, and all the salad dressings. For old-fashioned American food in Torrington, Broncho’s is the place to go. 

La Familia Prado

1250 Main St., Torrington, WY 82240, United States

La Familia Prado is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Torrington and feels like family. The service is outstanding and attentive and, of course, very friendly. Not only that, everything tastes healthy, light, and just right. 

They offer an extensive menu, and the restaurant is clean and smells great. It’s quite a popular place in Torrington because of the handmade chips and tortillas.

The portions are large, and reasonably priced. For $10, you get two tacos, an enchilada, rice, and beans. 

You can also find a fish taco, shrimp taco, grilled chicken burrito, salads, and many more items on the menu. 

La Familia Prado Fish Taco

For drinks, there are plenty of domestic or imported beers, shots, and, of course, Margaritas! The Jalapeño Margarita will make your mouth equally refreshed and on fire! 

In the end, do not forget to try the Sopapilla, stuffed with ice cream and topped with strawberry or chocolate. For Mexican food in Torrington, be part of La Familia Prado.

Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant

1915 Main St, Torrington, WY 82240, United States

One more family Mexican restaurant in the heart of Torrington is Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant, known for its reasonable prices, quality food, and many satisfied customers.

For an appetizer, you can try the guacamole, made with avocados, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapeños, and garlic, paired with their famous homemade tortillas. 

Garcia's Mexican Restaurant Guacamole

The chicken tortilla soup and Poco Taco salad were certainly a mouth-watering experience!

For the main dish, The Grilled Margarita Chicken Burrito is the right choice. It is marinated chicken breast with vegetables in a flour tortilla topped with jalapeño cream cheese. 

If available at the moment, don’t hesitate to try the famous classic Mexican fried ice cream. 

307 Grill

1500 E. Valley Rd., Torrington, WY 82240, United States

The Grill is a small place with a cozy, relaxed atmosphere, perfect for watching the game with friends with a beer and spicy chicken wings. 

The menu is enormous, and they have much to offer, from salad to grill, even pasta. The service is polite but not so fast, but the restaurant is immaculate and pleasant. 

For the starter, we ordered The Greek Gyro salad with traditional Greek meat on a bed of greens topped with tomato, onion, the classic Greek Tzatziki sauce, and pita chips. It was surprisingly delicious!

Chicken wraps, Swiss mushroom burgers, classic burgers, sandwiches, Greek gyro, roasted beef, rib eye, homemade Mac ‘n’ Cheese, and many more specialties are included in the menu. 

307 Grill Gyro

The exciting point is that they serve breakfast all day long! If you are looking for a great atmosphere and comfort food, this is one of the best restaurants in Torrington Wyoming, for that.

The Bucking Horse Grill

6431 Rd. 49, Torrington, WY 82240, United States.

The Bucking Horse Grill has a spectacular view of the valley and Torrington. The interior is nicely decorated, and they have a unique outdoor patio ideal for summer days.

Our server was very busy, but he still had time to bring out our food on time and was very hospitable. 

The prices are acceptable, and the restaurant makes special offers every day; for example, cocktails for $3 on Monday, or 1/2 price of wine bottles on Wednesdays. 

For starters, there are plenty of choices, such as fried calamari, trio fajita nachos, loaded potato skins, steak bites, and much more. 

The Bucking Horse Grill Fried Calamari

The steak was incredibly well cooked, and the salmon was fantastic; the loaded potatoes smelled terrific. You should also try the Wyoming Burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion. 

The enormous Wyoming rib eye is famous, and I will definitely try it the next time. 

There is also the highly delicious Creme Brule, bread pudding, apple crisp, and peanut butter cheesecake for dessert. 

Don’t be “thrown” by the name.  This is a must-try amongst the restaurants in Torrington Wyoming. 

San Pedro Mexican Restaurant

2113 Main St., Torrington, WY 82240, United States

San Pedro is a nice sit-down, family restaurant with good food and fair prices. The polite staff and the authentic food make this place feel like home. 

The menu offers a variety of traditional Mexican food, steaks, and salads. The “Caldo 7 mares” soup with seafood, tomatoes, onion, bell peppers, and rice served with homemade tortillas is perfect to start your meal. 

Street tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, seafood, and steaks are also available for the main dishes. The Margaritas are delicious, too. I must say this is one of the restaurants in Torrington Wyoming that really cares about quality!

San Pedro Mexican Restaurant Tacos

Final Thoughts About The Best Restaurants In Torrington Wyoming

Overall, in the city of Torrington, you will not be disappointed. You can choose from various choices of American food, grilled burgers and meats, excellent Mexican food, and much more. 

The welcoming locals, the polite staff, cozy and warm restaurants will make you want to return to this small town with a lot of potential!

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