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The 7 Best Restaurants In Pinedale Wyoming

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Pinedale is a genuine western town nestled against the Wind River Mountain Range’s western slope.

There are numerous outdoor activities available to you, such as hunting, fishing, and hiking. For these reasons, Pinedale, Wyoming, has a plethora of motels and campsites.

Pinedale, Wyoming, also has a diverse selection of restaurants. Pinedale is one of the best spots to visit if you are a foodie and planning a trip to this western state.

My Top Three Picks of the Best Restaurants in Pinedale Wyoming

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
Old Stones | Smokehouse & Country PizzaBrisket Burger5/5
Los Cabos | Mexican Restaurantenchiladas rancheros5/5
Heart & Soul Cafebacon, egg, cheese crepes, and cinnamon roll French toast 4.5/5

The 7 Best Restaurants in Pinedale Wyoming

Los Cabos | Mexican Restaurant

120 W. Pine St., Pinedale, WY 82941, United States // +13073676781

If you’re looking for a superb authentic Mexican and one of the best restaurants in Pinedale Wyoming, go no further. Los Cabos, one of my favorite destinations, is the place to be in Pinedale.

You’ll be treated to an incredible meal of tacos and seafood burritos at lunch or dinner.

We chose the tacos al pastor and the meat enchiladas rancheros. Even though we were stuffed, we ate practically everything on our plates. The waitress was very friendly, helpful, and efficient.

Restaurants In Pinedale Wyoming: Los Cabos | Mexican Restaurant Tacos Al Pastor

I left feeling full and satisfied with everything. I suggest it to everyone!


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Patio Grill | Authentic Mexican Restaurant

35 W. Pine St., Pinedale, WY 82941, United States // +13073674611

If authenticity is your thing, look no further than Patio Grill. This Pinedale Mexican restaurant is located on West Pine and has a diverse and varied menu with fresh ingredients. This is absolutely one of the most interesting restaurants in Pinedale Wyoming.

It’s a lovely place with delicious food and professional service. I’ve visited this place twice and can’t wait to return!

This was a fantastic little Mexican restaurant; the waiter was polite, the meal was delicious, and we had the impression that they were delighted to have us there.

The chicken in my enchiladas was so well marinated, and the red sauce wasn’t thin and watery.  And the suiza enchiladas. Oh, my gosh. Yum. 

Patio Grill Enchiladas

The fries are the best I’ve had. On the outside, these were perfectly crisp, while on the inside, they were soft. The Asada nachos were the perfect mix of flavors. The service was amazing, too; definitely on my list of places to visit again. 

The food was so good that we returned for dinner and enjoyed different entrees just as much. 

For dinner, we ordered street tacos; I had carnitas, and my friend had al pastor. The salsa and bean dip were excellent, and the beef was tender.

Definitely worth stopping by. There is also an excellent collection of Mexican beers other than Corona.

This is the place to go when it comes to authentic Mexican food in Pinedale.

Wrangler Cafe

905 W. Pine St., Pinedale, WY 82941, the United States // +13073674233 

The Wrangler Cafe is the epitome of a small-town cafe. The experience transports you to another time and place, amongst all other restaurants in Pinedale Wyoming.

This charming and attractive restaurant serves dishes pridefully while keeping a welcoming ambiance during your dinner.

You’ll undoubtedly leave thinking about the delicious meal or how touched you are by the story behind this small Wyoming company.

We came here for breakfast on the advice of a local. He was so right to send us here!

I had scrambled eggs, ham, hash browns, and bread. And my friend had corned beef, eggs, hash browns, and toast.

Wrangler Cafe Breakfast

The hash browns were cooked perfectly, juicy on the inside and crispy on the exterior, and were not frozen. My grilled ham slice was easily eight ounces, plus a delicious thick sourdough toast.

My friend’s corn beef was thinly sliced and flavorful, with onions and peppers incorporated into the hash browns beneath the meat. It’s a little strange, but it’s fantastic. Thick slices of rye toast also accompanied it.

Our server was entertaining and polite, and she ensured that my scrambled eggs were perfectly scrambled, fried dry, and with no white showing. Breakfast here will satisfy; trust me.

We returned for dinner since we were so impressed. The salad bar included homemade soup. I had the house burger, which appeared to be produced in-house, like almost everything else on the menu. We were extremely delighted, and the bill was really affordable.

This is genuine, delicious food. Everything was top-end, and it’s no surprise that this Pinedale restaurant is so popular among residents from nearby houses and ranches. A must-see!

Stockman’s Saloon & Steakhouse

117 W. Pine St., Pinedale, WY 82941, the United States // +13073673695

Stockman’s Saloon & Steakhouse is a fantastic and cozy restaurant. It has earned a reputation as one of the most fabulous restaurants in Pinedale Wyoming.

What distinguishes it from others? You’ll find out quickly if you try Stockman’s Saloon & Steakhouse!

Stockman’s Saloon & Steakhouse serves a wide range of American cuisine, from burgers and pizzas to salads and entrées. 

They also sell certain specialized goods, such as steaks and ribs. Not only do they serve amazing food, but their prices are also very affordable!

The bar has a fantastic selection of quality liquors and beers, and it is also staffed by expert bartenders with years of experience preparing delectable cocktails.

The fact that it is non-smoking distinguishes it from nearly every other bar in town. There’s also a pool table in the adjacent room!

We were delighted with the ambiance of saloon dining and the friendly personal service. Our meals were excellent.

I ordered the Pork Chop with bacon Jam and green beans with sautéed garlic and grape tomatoes. My friend ordered the Airline Chicken with mashed potatoes. The wine selection was excellent.

Stockman's Saloon & Steakhouse Pork Chop

If you haven’t had an opportunity to taste this fantastic steakhouse in Pinedale, now is the time! The food is excellent, the beverages are strong, and the setting is ideal for any occasion.

Heart & Soul Cafe

27 E. Pine S.t, Pinedale, WY 82941, the United States // +13073674415

Heart & Soul Cafe is one of the most fantastic breakfast restaurants in Pinedale Wyoming! They provide everything from eggs and pancakes to omelets and everything in between.

It’s been chosen as the best breakfast spot in Wyoming’s entire wide region, and I’m happy to say its reputation has expanded even more than it could have dreamed!

The bacon, egg, cheese crepes, and cinnamon roll French toast were exceptional, and don’t even get me started on the oatmeal pancakes!!

Heart & Soul Cafe Oatmeal Pancakes

The owner is very charming, and her demeanor brightens the entire establishment. There is a cute little outside dining area and many booths inside.

This is one of my favorite spots when looking for a fantastic place to have breakfast in Pinedale! Give it a try; you will not be disappointed.

Old Stones | Smokehouse & Country Pizza

4 Country Club Ln., Pinedale, WY 82941, the United States // +13073676760

Old Stones is a fantastic Pinedale restaurant, but it’s not your ordinary eatery. Old Stones and Smokehouse & Country Pizza, in particular, have a unique twist that makes it both physically and figuratively unique.

The food was excellent. We shared a Caesar salad, and they gave us a second plate to make it easier to share.

We also split the tasty French dip sandwich and the amazing brisket burger. Order the brisket burger; you will thank me later.

Old Stones French Dip Sandwich

Old Stones and Smokehouse & Country Pizza has something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a spot to grab lunch in Pinedale, enjoy the outdoors, or gather with friends for dinner under the stars.

Pitchfork Fondue Western Cookout

9888 US-191, Pinedale, WY 82941, United States // +13073673607

Pitchfork Fondue’s BBQ Western Cookout is the place to go if you want a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Besides offering excellent food, this restaurant also offers a family-friendly atmosphere.

You’ll enjoy trying their trademark treats and then bringing some home. But then, who wouldn’t?

Matt, the owner, was a fantastic host who took the time to converse with us and recommend places to see some hidden jewels of Wyoming’s history. The people who work there are precisely as pleasant as he is!

The dinner was delicious (especially the kettle chips)! At a very reasonable price, you can get a steak, chicken, or trout roasted with a pitchfork, as well as salads, buffalo brats, baked potatoes, and desserts.

Pitchfork Fondue Western Cookout Steak

They provide tea, lemonade, and water, but it is BYOB, and they will provide buckets, ice, cups, and so on. 

A view of the Wind River Mountain range completed the experience. I highly recommend this restaurant if you enjoy wonderful food as much as I do in Pinedale, Wyoming!


What is Pinedale, WY known for?

Pinedale is notable in the winter for its access to nearly 300 miles of groomed snowmobile routes through different terrain and its frozen lakes, which allow ice fishing, snowshoeing, skating, and other activities. White Pine Ski Resort offers an economical, family-friendly downhill skiing experience.

Is Pinedale, WY worth visiting?

While tourists go in droves to Jackson Hole, true Wyomingites know that Pinedale is the place to be. This beautiful hamlet serves as the gateway to the Wind River Range, a massive panorama that is one of the most beautiful places on the earth.

What is Wyoming famous for food?

Elk. Regarding game meat, buffalo is frequently the first choice, but elk is also famous in Wyoming. 

Final Thoughts About the Best Restaurants in Pinedale Wyoming

The town is pleasant and peaceful. There are numerous outdoor activities available here. The Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks are just two of the many unique places to visit while in town.

So, as you can see, there are many reasons to visit Pinedale, Wyoming. But, when you eventually arrive in this small town, there are many restaurants to pick from. That means you are looking for the best restaurants in Pinedale, Wyoming. And that is why I have created this article specifically for you! Enjoy.

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