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7 Must-Try Restaurants in Green River Wyoming

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Imagine you are a traveler wandering the rocky and beautiful Green River in Wyoming. 

You are exploring the various historical sites that it has to offer, enjoying every piece of nature there is, and having a great time in the process. 

Moreover, you can spend days in this mountain-surrounded city, trying to soak up as much as you can. However, everybody knows to have the full experience, you need to try the local cuisine of Green River, WY. 

In fact, to truly experience Green River, you don’t want to eat from one of the big franchise restaurant chains. 

Rather, it’s better to sit down in a place with excellent service, an amazing atmosphere, and delicious food. Plus, that will make you feel like a resident, and maybe even make you consider the chance of moving to Green River, Wyoming. 

Well, you’re in luck, because we are here today to tell you all about the best restaurants in Green River, Wyoming.

In this article, we’ll learn more about the best places to eat and their food. And, even if you’re not a traveler, but a mere local, this article will give you a good idea of some hidden gems.

My Top Three Picks of the Best Restaurants in Green River, Wyoming

Restaurant Top DishOur Rating
Hitching Post Restaurant & SaloonCockadoodle Moo5/5
Penny’s DinerFrisco Burger4.5/5
Don Pedros Restaurant Green RiverTacos el Cabron5/5

The 7 Top Restaurants in Green River Wyoming

Notably, there are a number of wonderful places to try out. With that said, let’s dive into some of our top pics.

Hitching Post Restaurant & Saloon

580 E. Flaming Gorge Way Green River, Wyoming, WY, 82935 /    +1 307-875-2246

If you ever want to gain more historical and cultural knowledge about Green River through an authentic experience, you must visit the Hitching Post Restaurant & Saloon. It’s one of the most authentic restaurants in Green River WY.

Entering this diner, you are greeted with excellent, friendly service, and delicious home-made, local food. 

The atmosphere of this restaurant is perfect for those who enjoy an old-western vibe, with the interior made mostly from wood and heavy steel. Plus, the interior design with all of its decorations will make you feel like a cowboy in old Western America.

What’s more, while entering you’re greeted by lovely waitresses, who will make your day with their cheery attitude. Then, once you get seated on a lovely wooden table you are free to enjoy their food or bar-service, if you do not feel like having a meal.

Restaurants in Green River WY: Hitching Post Restaurant & Saloon Hamburger Steak

Interestingly, the menu is divided into various categories that will satisfy the taste of  every type of person. Starting off with breakfast, you have the option to try one of the restaurant favorites, the Hamburger Steak with an addition of Honey butter

Actually, everybody who has ever tried this wonderful dish hasn’t regretted it. Juicy, tender, sweet, and fulfilling, this dish will make you want more even if you’re full.

But that’s not all; one of the restaurant’s specialties for breakfast that you must try is the Cockadoodle Moo. 

To elaborate, this is Swiss cheese, fried eggs, and chicken fried steak on grilled bread. Additionally, it’s served with potatoes in cubes, hash browns, or gravy on the side. An exciting and rich dish for those who want to experiment and taste the culture.

Continuing on, lunch is also one of the reasons why you should come and eat at this place. 

So, to enjoy lunch in this place, you need to do a full course with various appetizers. Importantly, you need to try their special baskets, which include different meats to match everyone’s taste.

Of course, we need to mention their famous sandwiches and custom-made burger that you can customize!

The best suggestion for lunch we can give is to start off with the Lasso Platter. The dish includes a platter of Onion Rings, Battered Mushrooms, Mozzarella Sticks and Jalapeno Poppers. 

Then, for the main course, you get a Chicken strips basket that has three pieces of battered white meat chicken. Plus, it’s served with a side and choice of one sauce (Ranch, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Honey) and your very own custom made burger.

Hitching Post Restaurant & Saloon Chicken Strips

Finishing of your delicious experience, we need to think about dessert and a nice drink. So, with the Homemade Pie sided with Chai tea, you can proudly say that you have had a western American meal at this iconic gem amongst the restaurants in Green River WY.

Gudino’s Cafe

211 E. Flaming Gorge Way, Green River, WY 82935, United States +1 307-875-3860

Next, as you’re driving around the city of Green River, passing all the beautiful sites, you stumble upon Gudino’s café. To note, you would never guess that they would have the best food in town.

Uniquely, its musty and old exterior will make you think that this is not the best place to eat. But, its appearance is a perfect example of an old American establishment that holds a lot of history and culture.

So, while eating you can get the sense of a true American citizen.

Meanwhile, if you ever feel lucky enough to enter, you will be greeted with a brand-new, refurbished diner. To paint a picture, there is a new modern aesthetic look complimented by retro furniture.

And, as a family friendly restaurant, one of its best features is the place where its located. Gudino’s is located near the river and railway station, which is one of Green River’s most iconic historical sites.

However, the reason why this restaurant is a must-try place is their food and service. 

Notably, their food is a classic American diner type of food that you’ve only seen in movies. On the other hand, the service is a perfect example of what Green River’s hospitality is known for. 

With the best food and the friendliest service, Gudino’s Cafe is definitely the place to be if you want to have an authentic experience with a modern twist in one of the best restaurants in Green River WY.

The menu has a wide range of options, and you will never be let down. Actually, you may order a variety of beverages because it is connected to a bar.

Every time they are open, they also provide breakfast items, and their prices are reasonable. If you do not have the time to stop and enjoy your meal sitting down, they also have the option of take-away.

Notably, this is perfect for those who want to sit down by the river and enjoy a delicious meal.

The best recommendations that we can give you on what to eat is to start off with a hometown favorite. The Railroader breakfast is the best way to start your day.

Gudino’s Cafe Railroad Breakfast

Having the richest taste and variety, the Railroader breakfast consists of a bed of hash browns, your choice of sausage, bacon or ham, Swiss and American cheese, and two eggs topped with another layer of golden hash browns.

Additionally, it’s served with your choice of toast. And, if you want something more to satisfy your sweet tooth, they also serve some of the best pancakes in town.

As a matter of fact, their Blueberry Pancake is to die for. With that being said, Gudino’s Cafe is a definite must for your travel plans.


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Penny’s Diner

1170 W. Flaming Gorge Way, Green River, WY 82935, United States +1 316-630-6300

As a foreigner traveling through the states of America, you want to visit every place that will give you that American experience. Thus, Penny’s diner is perfect for those who are in love with retro 50s vibes and one of the most American restaurants in Green River WY. 

You get a chance to sit down in a leather booth and order a classic American hamburger with a side of fries, a large soda, and the iconic oversized milkshake. What’s more, what makes this diner special is its history and that Hollywood movie type of setting.

The story of this diner is incredible and one of the reasons why it’s one of the most unique restaurants in Green River WY.

The company’s president made the decision to honor his wife Penny by renaming all current and future restaurants in a huge romantic gesture. A logo featuring a pony-tailed waitress wearing a poodle skirt made it recognizable and iconic. 

The interior of this fine diner is based and complementary to the story. So, with their colorful scheme, checkered floor tiles and red leather booths, we get a blast from the past. Sitting down, you can find all kinds of memorabilia concerning the history of Green River and America in general. 

Plus, the service is really going to surprise anyone who decides to dine here. Everybody is super friendly and welcoming.

And of course, the food is delightful. It’s the sort of food you see in old American sit-coms. Famously, they serve items like a classic tasty hamburger, amazing American style fries and their famous large beverages like sodas, milkshakes, and malts.

What’s interesting is that when you sit down, you have a view of an open kitchen, so you can see your food being made from fresh ingredients. Penny’s diner is open 24 hprs, perfect for everyone passing through or those who just want to enjoy a good meal. Plus, it offers free coffee refills!

The sensational experience begins by ordering their best burger, which is the Frisco Burger. Made from buttered and grilled sourdough bread, two slices of crispy bacon, and two slices of Swiss cheese, tomato, and mayo. A true classic!

Penny’s Diner Frisco Burger

And, it’s sided with a Chilli Cheese Fries Basket and a large soda. Finally, finish off with a perfect Three-scoop Classic Sundae, and you will leave this place with a wide smile and a full stomach!

Don Pedro’s Restaurant Green River

520 Wilkes Drive Green River, WY 82935 +1307-875-7324 

Now, if you are ever in town and are craving some delicious and authentic Mexican food, then Don Pedro’s is the place to be. Undoubtedly, the food comes from old, traditional, family-based recipes cooked with love. It’s definitely one of the best restaurants in Green River WY.

With their success on the rise, Don Pedro’s has locations all over the United States. 

Actually, they established themselves as one of the best places to experience Mexican food amongst the restaurants in Green River WY. As soon as you enter their location, you will be fascinated with their design choices. 

So, you come in, sit down and the first thing you notice is the ceramic terrace overshadowing you, supported by red-brick pillars.

All around you, you can see various paintings and beautiful decorations that represent Mexican culture. The atmosphere is perfect for those who want to cheer up and feel a little festive.

Greeted by excellent service, you get a menu that serves everything that you would want to taste from Mexican cuisine.

 However, our personal favorite is the Pink Cadillac Margarita, complemented with Super Nachos. Then, for the main course, a Mexican favorite called Tacos el Carbon, made out of three soft “grilled” tacos with your choice of chicken, steak, or pork.

Don Pedro’s Restaurant Green River Tacos El Carbon

In addition, you get a side of rice, beans, and guacamole. Finishing off your meal, you would want to get Churros for dessert to wrap up your experience.

Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant

36 E. Flaming Gorge Way, Green River, WY, United States, Wyoming +1 307-875-6425

If you ever need more Mexican-styled restaurants in Green River WY other than Don Pedro’s, then Mi Casita is a great alternative. Located in the center of the city, its perfect for those who are exploring the city.

Being in the center of the city, Mi Casita is not the fanciest or the biggest restaurant. But, what it lacks in size, it makes up in character.

With its small brownish exterior that screams at you to come in and an interior like a small Mexican house, you will feel like you’re entering a Mexican household. You can find sombreros and other Mexican decorations all around, giving the place a sense of comfort.

While being seated, you are introduced to a staff that welcomes you with open arms. On the other hand, their food is incomparable. 

Amazingly, every item on the menu is worth trying. A strongly suggested recommendation is to either have the Torta or the Pambazo as a main course. Then, to complement that, order a side of Enchiladas and their famous Cantarito. 

Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant Pambazo

Uniquely, the Cantarito is made from Tequila, Squirt, fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice, salt, and tajin.

Also, they do take-away if you do not have the time to sit down or are in a rush.

Without a doubt, Mi Casita is a place you should visit if you are ever thinking about Mexican restaurants in Green River WY.

Chopstix Asian Bistro

150 Uinta Dr, Green River, WY 82935, United States +1307 856–2828

If you ever feel like having a great meal that is not characteristic for Green River and American culture, then Chopstix Asian Bistro is the perfect spot amongst the best restaurants in Green River WY.

Located in the best place in town, this rather large Asian bistro is eye candy for everybody passing through. Having an interesting interior that’s based on an Americanized Asian theme with a hint of Oriental will have everyone to stop and check this place out.

Uniquely for the place where it is located, Chopstix Asian Bistro is interesting enough when you enter. It has an oriental interior, with Asian decor scattered all around and wooden furniture to complement it.

Sitting down, you are greeted with the best service in the city. Everybody is super welcoming and friendly, and what makes it stand out is that the waiters make sure you have the best time possible while enjoying their food.

Chopstix Asian Bistro Salmon Sushi

On another note, their food is to die for. Asian food has never disappointed me with its uniqueness and taste, but this place takes it to the next level. Their Kung Pao Chicken paired with their Salmon Sushi is going to make your mouth water.

If you ever feel a need for oriental food in Green River, don’t hesitate to check out Chopstix Asian Bistro. You will not regret it. It’s one of the best restaurants in Green River WY.

Summary of the Best Restaurants in Green River Wyoming 

With that said, each of you can now see that the options of where to eat in Green River are not something to overlook. Being such a small town, it is rich in every aspect that a traveler or a local would appreciate. 

With a lot of different options for where to eat and visit, Green River is shown to be a place worth visiting.

In recent years, we have seen more and more tourists with a growing interest in this little county. People come and are amazed by what they are seeing, eating, and learning about this place and America in general.

So, do not hesitate to use this list to help you try something new and navigate the beautiful streets and restaurants of Green River, Wyoming.

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