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The 6 Best Bars In Orange Beach Alabama

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If you’re part of the sizable segment of Americans who visit one or more states during the summer months and want to hit the beer-swilling trail, look no further than the bars in Orange Beach.  

Laid-back and fun, Orange Beach is the perfect place to enjoy a day at the beach. It’s also home to several superb bars, where you’ll be able to sample some of the best beer in Alabama. 

From top-notch beers to fine wines, there are plenty of great places to try them out while enjoying the excellent food served by some of the city’s highest-rated restaurants and bars.

Here I reveal five exceptional bars to sample after you bask in the beautiful sunsets, admire the luscious beaches, and dine on some of Alabama’s freshest seafood.

The 6 Best Bars In Orange Beach

San Bar Courtyard

27267 Perdido Beach Blvd. #102, Orange Beach, AL 36561, United States // +12512737374

Sun Bar Courtyard is located east of the Perdido Key bridge in the Sanroc Cay shops area. The courtyard is an open area surrounded by boutique shops with benches, umbrella tables, and a fountain.

Their outdoor bar is fully stocked and complete with specialty drinks, good beer and wine selections, and friendly bar folks.

It is an open-air bar in a shopping center with lots of cute little restaurants and shopping options. So we dropped in here to do some shopping and a little sipping. 

It is sometimes hard to find reasonable bar prices at the beach. My friend had a rum and Coke here, and I ordered the good whiskey on ice (Canadian Club). Our drinks were $9.00 for the two. 

Bars In Orange Beach: San Bar Courtyard Rum and Coke

They had a good selection of drinks and could make frozen concoctions like the ever-popular bushwhacker. In the future, I will probably stop here for a drink before eating at restaurants or shopping. Just the first of many great bars in Orange Beach. 

Pour Smart Bar

4851 Wharf Pkwy. E Space D-124, Orange Beach, AL 36561, United States // +12512846747

This is an excellent addition to the Wharf and the Gulf Shores area. It definitely has the largest craft beer selection out of any bar I have been to over the years in the area.

While searching for a place to drink and eat in Orange Beach, I was delighted to find Pour Smart Bar. Not only is the bar decked out with TVs and sports, but it has an impressive amount of craft beer taps. 

They have around 160-200 beers on tap, with some good variety. I highly recommend getting the flights to find your favorites. The staff is friendly too!

Pour Smart Bar Flights

You check in with the staff, and they give you a pour card. This card is linked to your credit card. From there, it is all self-pour. 

You get charged by the ounce, and each beer is a different price for an ounce. This is a great way to try different types of beers- allowing you to get as much or as little as you want! Make sure to visit this upper-end craft beer bar in Orange Beach.

The Undertow

25025 Canal Rd., Orange Beach, AL 36561, United States // +12519813331

This is the place to be during crawfish season. This bar is very welcoming.  I came to get away from the big city and take in the beach vibe. Definitely one of my favorite bars in Orange Beach. Their small-town, laid-back culture is fantastic. The bartenders are very attentive and friendly.

There are a couple of pool tables and live music. A bunch of locals joined us for pool, and it was a blast! Their all-you-can-eat deal is fantastic. Also, their jalapeno poppers and burgers are a must-try.

The Undertow Jalapeno Poppers

Fair pricing, good people, great bartenders, and a good time are not a tourist trap. If you hate smoke, don’t go; the rest of you that can tolerate it will have fun. 

Pleasure Island Tiki Bar at Sportsman Marina

27844 Canal Rd., Orange Beach, AL 36561, United States // +12519818454

You should pay attention when locals advise you to visit a place without first getting to know the other. Then I did. The Pleasure Island Tiki Bar is the only place I wish I had visited sooner.

It feels like you’re driving into Weekend at Bernie’s when you pull into the parking lot. This is because so many locals arrive at this bar on the bay on their own golf carts.

If they aren’t arriving in an EZ-Go, they are most likely arriving by boat, floating up to the shore and only a few steps away from this authentic beach bar at Orange Beach.

The Pleasure Island Tiki Bar is exactly what it sounds like. There is nothing not to enjoy about the fact that it is an all-open tiki bar. 

You can’t go wrong here with some fantastic cocktail selections, including their take on the popular Painkiller (a personal fave), a strong beer selection, and live music starting in the afternoon.

Pleasure Island Tiki Bar Cocktail

The Gulf – Orange Beach

27500 Perdido Beach Blvd., Orange Beach, AL 36561, United States // +12514241800

The Gulf is a bar in East Orange Beach that offers inventive cocktails in a contemporary setting on the rim of the gorgeous Perdido Pass. The Gulf’s whole structure is composed of recycled shipping containers and wood accents, creating a contemporary yet calming open place to enjoy a martini with friends all year.

You can choose to watch the sunset from a higher deck or get a bird’s-eye perspective of the amiable throng. A big wooden deck that extends outside to a manicured outdoor area with roomy seats, wooden benches, and hammocks can be found downstairs.

The bartenders offer craft cocktails crafted with seasonal ingredients, like the blackberry mojito. If you’re hungry, The Gulf offers a variety of menu items, including fresh oysters, fish sandwiches, and salads.

Without a doubt, this place ranks among my top five favorite bars in Orange Beach that I’ve ever gone to. Everything is excellent, from the ambiance to the drinks and meals.

Their Mahi tacos, which are outstanding, are what I ordered. The salsa and sauce are outstanding, and the fish is fresh and of excellent size. The dip with smoked tuna is amazing. They are the greatest pitas I’ve ever had, yet I have no idea how they are made.

My friend was stunned by the shrimp and lobster roll that he ordered. Even the meal for youngsters is fantastic! The chicken tenders are among the greatest I’ve ever had. My companion and I frequently discuss them.

Another must-try is their blackberry margarita. They don’t skimp on the tequila, and it’s pretty refreshing! I could go on and on about what a fantastic site this is, but you should just go and check it out yourself!

The Gulf - Orange Beach Blackberry Margarita

We have been there three times, and it is always crowded. So to place your order, you must wait in line and keep an eye out for available tables in case someone gets up and offers one.


17401 Perdido Key Dr, Pensacola, FL 32507, United States

 Flora-Bama is one of the oldest and most famous bars on Orange beach. Refreshing cocktails during the day or live music at night, this place will never disappoint you. 

They organize all sorts of events such as beach concerts, bingo, ladies’ nights, and yes, believe it or not, every Sunday, they turn the bar into a church!

The water is clean and blue so you can also enjoy swimming, rent a jet ski or a boat. You can buy unique Flora-Bama t-shirts, cups, hats, or other souvenirs in their store. 

When you visit a beach there is nothing better than enjoying some seafood. Flora-Bama is famous for its oyster bar where you can get the best oysters and shrimp on this island. We ordered the “Oysters McClellan” seasoned with garlic butter, cheese, bacon, and green onions. Also if you are a fan of raw seafood their “Raw oysters” are magnificent.

For the grill lovers, there is a grill bar too, and a yacht club that offers plenty of choices for eating. 

Overall, Flora-Bama is an exciting place with many entertainment activities to do; listen to great live music with friends, taste the unforgettable oysters and enjoy a wide variety of beverages. 

Final Thoughts About The 6 Must-Visit Bars In Orange Beach

If you’re looking for a holiday break with a difference, make sure you put Orange Beach on your list of holiday destinations. A fantastic place to take a break from the hustle and bustle, this Alabama coastal town boasts over ten miles of golden beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. And some of the best bars in Alabama!

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